Traditional Cakes

A large variety of top traditional cakes from around the world, some with over 100 years of tradition.

Corporate & Events Cake Packs

All our desserts available in unique Cake Packs for office or special celebration purposes.

Ice Cream Chimney Cones

Ice Cream Chimney Cones are only available at our shop in various types and flavours.

Natural Honey

100% natural Honey from Romania (Banat & Transylvania) directly from our Beekeepers.

Premium Art Cakes

Traditional Cakes enriched by Top Artists to create the most beautiful world of taste and design. 

Vegan & Gluten Free

Vegan & Gluten Free Cakes & Desserts are also available, including Vegan Cake Packs.


Popular desserts from around the world, including Cupcakes, Brownies, French Eclairs and many others.

Exclusive Cakes

Cakes with elegant exterior designs, creating the perfect Wedding & Special Anniversary Cakes.

Chimney Cakes

We are the first company to offer Chimney Cakes in various flavours in Amsterdam.

Weekend Specials

International known recipes that we offer only in the weekends. We also do regular updates.    


We deliver in the Netherlands


Amsterdam Delivery: 3€, min. order is 25€

S Delivery: 7€, min. order is 40€, 60km from Amsterdam

L Delivery: 10€, min. order is 50€, 100km+++ from Amsterdam


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