Golden Cake

Golden Cake

Traditional Cake covered in white fondant and golden details (golden macaroons, gold strip on cake base, gold letters, gold fondant number and a white rose).

Allergens: milk, gluten, eggs.


@ Please order this type of cake at least 3 business days before delivery date.

15 cm for 4-6 people

20 cm for 8-10 people

24 cm for 12-16 people

15cm / 24cm, 2 tier cake for 20-25 people


    Chimney Cake House guarantees for fresh, top quality products and verifies every delivery to ensure propper delivery standards.

    Refunds apply only for damaged products (that must confirmed by the customer uppon delivery).


    Amsterdam Delivery: 3€, min. order is 25€ (free delivery for 40€ order)

    S Delivery: 7€, min. order is 40€, 60km from Amsterdam

    L Delivery: 10€, min. order is 50€, 100km+++ from Amsterdam


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Amsterdam Delivery: 3€, min. order is 25€

S Delivery: 7€, min. order is 40€, 60km from Amsterdam

L Delivery: 10€, min. order is 50€, 100km+ from Amsterdam


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